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Laser Cataract Surgery

For many years, cataract surgeons made incisions and removed the cloudy, cataractous lens using instruments and blades. Today, Dr. Singh performs several of these most critical steps of the surgical process with the LenSx® image-guided laser.

Most Advanced Technology Available

Introducing: Laser Cataract Surgery using the LenSx Laser


Standard Cataract Surgery vs. Laser Cataract Surgery

Standard Cataract Surgery - The cloudy natural lens (cataract) is replaced with a lens implant that is permanent. Some portions of standard cataract surgery are done by hand using a blade or sharp instrument. The remainder is done using an ultrasound machine.

Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery - The parts of the surgery performed with a blade or sharp instrument are performed instead with a laser. By creating a high-resolution  image of the eye, the laser performs these tasks with higher precision than the hand-held blade. This may improve safety during surgery and healing time afterwards. The laser will also be used to treat astigmatism.

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Improves Safety and Healing Time

The LenSx® Cataract Laser  from Alcon is the first femtoscecond laser cleared for use in cataract surgery.   The LenSx® Laser offers a level of accuracy exceeding that of manual surgery methods.  During surgery, the LenSx® Laser first images your eye to plan a procedure that’s unique to you.  A bladeless, computer-controlled laser then helps Dr. Singh perform your surgery with exacting, individualized precision not attainable with traditional surgical methods.  Laser Cataract Surgery also can lessen the chance of surgical complications, such as a detached retina.  The laser also increases the chances that the incision will be self-sealing at the end of the procedure, which reduces the risk of infection.


With the LenSx® superior imaging system, your surgeon can see everything inside your eye in greater detail. This allows the surgeon to plan the surgery better, to precisely soften the cataract in preparation for removal, and to ensure the appropriate condition for the most accurate placement of your lens implant.  Accurate placement of the lens implant is particularly important when a patient opts for a Toric or Multifocal lens.  This allows for the best visual outcome and goal of glasses free vision post-operatively.  The imaging feature of laser cataract surgery can also assist in performing the astigmatism correction during the procedure with precise accuracy, which results in excellent visual outcome without glasses.


What are the benefits of LENSX® Laser Cataract Surgery?

Dr. Singh offers the LenSx® Laser System as part of your advanced cataract procedure because it is safe, effective, and uses the same proven laser technology that’s been used in LASIK procedures for over a decade. Other benefits include:

  • A unique, high-resolution, 3-D view of your eye that allows your surgeon to tailor your treatment, which can improve visual outcomes.
  • The most advanced technology available, which may reduce the time it takes to remove your cataracts.
  • A system designed with comfort in mind, so you can relax, knowing the latest technology available is being used to treat one of your most valuable senses – your sight

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