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Dropless Cataract Surgery

Redefines Cataract Surgery

Castleman Eye Center doctors are now offering patients a new and improved cataract surgery experience!   We have eliminated the cost of expensive eye drops used before and after surgery by placing the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications into the eye during surgery.  Some patients spend over $150 per eye for eye drops.  Studies have shown that this method is very safe.  It also eliminates the hassle of confusing, time consuming drop regimens that can last for a month post-op.   Patients who live alone or struggle with arthritis will truly benefit from this method.



  •     The Dropless Cataract method is very safe
  •     Used in over 70,000 eye surgeries since 2014
  •     Dropless Cataract Surgery allows us to eliminate all drops about 95% of the time
  •     Reduced risk of infection and retinal swelling compared to patients using drops
  •     Easy post-operative regimen
  •     Reduced chance of side effects from the eye drops
  •     Can save patients over $150 per eye in eye drop expenses

Side effects include the presence of floaters or cloudiness immediately after surgery.  Once the medication absorbs into the eye, this side effect will disappear.  Some patients who are diabetic or have certain retinal disorders, will need to use one eye drop pre-operatively and post-operatively.  Although rare, some patients may develop inflammation after surgery and will be required to use an eye drop if this does occur.

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