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Customvue™ LASIK

CUSTOMVUE™ WAVESCAN TECHNOLOGY - Computer Driven LASER Vision Correction

Custom Vue | Laser Vision Correction Castleman Eye Center is excited to offer Troy and Southgate patients the opportunity to see better than ever before. With CustomVue™ WaveScan technology, individuals have the potential to see better than 20/20!
CustomVue™ LASIK uses WaveScan technology that was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes that reduced distortions when viewing distant objects in space. This technology has now been applied to LASER vision correction. It captures and then corrects unique imperfections in each individual’s vision that could not have been done before, using standard methods.

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Prior to the advent of CustomVue™ WaveScan technology, doctors used your eyeglass prescription to perform the treatment plan for LASIK. Some physicians still use this method, which is sometimes referred to as Standard or Traditional LASIK. The CustomVue™ measurement is specific to our patients’ individual eye vs. their eyeglass prescription. Dr. Singh uses this specific measurement to perform the CustomVueLASIK treatment. This is similar to a tailor making you a custom fit shirt vs. buying it off the rack at a store.

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CustomVue™ Advantages:

  • Less glare with night vision as compared to Standard LASIK
  • 98% of low to moderate myopia participants could see 20/20 or better without glasses or contact lenses one year after treatment.
  • Treats higher levels of prescriptions as compared to Standard LASIK
  • 25% more precise than Standard LASIK treatment

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