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Active Lifestyle Lens Options

If you have cataracts, you now have a choice! You can be glasses free after surgery!

Active Lifestyle Lens OptionsDuring cataract surgery, a lens implant will replace the cloudy natural lens, known as a cataract. Today there are many different Active Lifestyle Lens Options available. The goal of these lenses is to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts, very similar to the goals of a LASIK patient. Due to technology advancements, there are even lenses that help you see up close and far away! This allows you to see your watch, use the computer and drive without glasses!

At Castleman Eye Center, we are known for providing the latest technology in cataract surgery. There are a few choices available to our patients. One option is a lens that allows for distance (driving) and intermediate (computer) vision without glasses. Another option is the Toric Lens, which corrects astigmatism. We also offer the Panoptix® Multifocal Lens (allows for distance, intermediate and near vision without glasses). If you choose the standard lens option (insurance covered lens), you will likely need to wear glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery.

We are also now offering BLADE FREE Laser Cataract Surgery with the LENSx™ Cataract Laser. This is the most advanced cataract surgery technology available today. Depending on your pre-operative vision and desired visual goals, Dr. Singh may recommend a customized treatment plan using one or a combination of these advanced technologies. During your consultation, Dr. Singh will determine which procedure and lens are best suited for your lifestyle and activities. The goal of these tailored procedures is to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and provide your best visual outcome.